[KDE/Mac] Request to modify kdelibs4 dependency on shared-mime-info

Nicolas Pavillon nicos at macports.org
Mon Jul 21 13:09:57 UTC 2014


As I did not answer right away (you are usually too fast for me ;) ), there is already quite some discussion. I take the liberty of taking some bits of the various mails below. 

> It turns out that kdelibs4 depends on having shared-mime-info
> installed.  It's OK, it -is- installed by MacPorts, but only as an
> indirect dependency (of soprano and strigi).
> I think it should be made into a -direct- dependency of kdelibs4,
> bearing in mind that soprano, strigi and all those nepomuk
> dependencies will eventually go.

I see no problem with that. As you mentioned, the package is already an indirect dependency, but it is always better to have clarity. I’ll add it to the dependencies of the Portfile. 

> I see that ~/.local/share and ~/.config get created and some KDE apps
> are putting stuff down there.  Even inkscape and gtk-2.0 are putting
> files in ~/.config --- and they are not KDE apps.
> Maybe these files should go somewhere in ~/Library/Preferences.  Dunno,
> this is a huge Apple OS X grey area for me.

I don’t see any issue in applications using the folders ~/.local/share and ~/.config in general, but what I do not like is that some are real KDE applications (I saw marble in my system, for example), and the “default” location for KDE applications was in my image ~/Library/Preferences/KDE, where most of the config files are located. It would be better if all applications could be consistent. 

> For example, the directory that will be called QStandardPaths::DataLocation
> (read-only version), is currently /opt/local/share/apps/<appname> for KDE 4
> apps on MacPorts and there is a mass of other stuff in /opt/local/share.  Qt 5
> says QStandardPaths::DataLocation (read-only version) will be
> "/Library/Application Support/<APPNAME>". "<APPDIR>/../Resources", but
> there are several Apple apps with data files in "/Library/Application Support”.

There are two things to consider about the ideal location for configuration files in my opinion. First, the conflict with potential Mac applications, as you mentioned, but the other is also system versus user settings. For now, KDE installs most config files in user’s directories, implying that every user can have its own configuration. With the paths described above, there would be only one configuration at system level for all users. 



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