[KDE/Mac] Bug reporting in KDE on Apple OS X

"Marko Käning" mk-lists at email.de
Wed Jul 2 21:45:01 UTC 2014

Hi Ian,

I had a few tough nights lately, which is why I haven't had time to apply your
nice patches onto the current 4.12.5 via our development git repository [1] yet.

> The following finished patches are now available in the osx-patches repository.
>     kde/kdelibs/fixCrashInKCrash.patch - Make sure Dr Konqi runs after a crash
>     kde/kde-runtime/fixBacktraceCrash.patch - Make sure a backtrace is produced
>     kde/kde-runtime/raiseDrKonqi.patch - Make sure Dr Konqi's dialog is visible
>     kde/kde-runtime/loginDrKonqi.patch - Always let the user report the crash
>     kde/kdelibs/fixReportBug.patch - Fix Help->Report Bug... menu item

But I'll see whether I can take care of them tomorrow, since the KDE/CI system
seems to be functional enough for now and KF5 is impossible to build due to the
solid framework, which means: I am stuck. :(

PovAddict just suggested I should simply go ahead implementing the needed abstract
methods for the battery thingy missing for OSX as done for Windows in [2] in order
to make it build again at least. I'd have liked to do that quickly and dirtily just
now, but I MUST go to bed now! Too little sleep for too many nights in a row. ;-/

Any other takers for [2]?

Good night,

[1] https://projects.kde.org/projects/playground/sdk/macports-kde/repository/revisions/master/show/dports/kde
[2] http://quickgit.kde.org/?p=solid.git&a=commitdiff&h=2e3bfabc19c9cda217449c9ce4b50123edef8bc4

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