[KDE/Mac] Bug reporting in KDE on Apple OS X

Ian Wadham iandw.au at gmail.com
Tue Jul 1 11:31:42 UTC 2014

Hi Marko,

On 28/06/2014, at 10:01 PM, Marko Käning wrote:
In reply to Ian Wadham:
>> And KDE's "what shall I run this with" dialog seems not to be aware of stuff in
>> the /Applications area, such as Firefox or Safari.
> Yup.
>> One time I did get KDE to accept the full path of the primary Firefox executable,
>> using kwriteconfig, but then Firefox bombed because KDE was trying to start a
>> second copy of it, rather than just adding a tab in which I could report a bug.
> As I've described in that post of mine, I got dozens of Safaris openend when I
> used an exclamation mark there.
> But I also saw something what you're describing. It doesn't work reliably on OSX.
> Another example is when I click on a URL in any KDE application konqueror gets
> fired up, but for some reason the URL isn't opened directly, but through something
> like this:
> --- 
> /private/var/tmp/kdecache-marko/krun/84362_0_121530
> ---
>> I will write to kde-devel about some of the above.
> I figure you should!

I did, but there has been no reply.  However, I have just discovered:
That is also in Qt 4.8 and has been in Qt since Qt 4.4.

You just write QDesktopServices::openUrl (QUrl("http://blahblah")); and it
opens the required web page, portably, on the machine of your choice in
the desktop of your choice in a new tab in the browser of your choice… :-)

It is a one-line drop-in replacement for the line KToolInvocation::invokeBrowser(xxx);
which has been causing us all the trouble with Help->Report Bug… and it
opens up the new-bug dialog on bugs.kde.org.  Hooray!

Expect more patches soon.  I have been busy for two days looking after the
grandsons during school holidays.  Would you believe I had 3 sessions of
soccer practice today.  Ooofff!  My back… :-)  World Cup 2030 here they come!

Cheers, Ian W.

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