[KDE/Mac] Fwd: Article: Slackware Developer Not Happy With KDE[nah] Development

Mario Fux fux at kde.org
Tue Dec 16 16:42:06 UTC 2014

Am Dienstag, 16. Dezember 2014, 15.11:57 schrieb René J.V. Bertin:
> On Tuesday December 16 2014 14:53:55 Mario Fux wrote:
> Hi Mario,

Morning René

> >> Yet without a minimum of efforts we'll never obtain those. In other
> >> words, a bootstrap effort is (might be) needed ...
> >
> >Feel free to tell what concrete proposal you've in mind?
> It was more a general remark, I'm not familiar enough with resource-raising
> for software development. I did read something about a KDE end-of-year
> fundraising campaign, though ...

Yes there is:

> Now, as to community ...
> I don't know if you picked up on it, but something changed on one of the
> rather central community resources, last Saturday evening (Europe/Paris
> time). The ReviewBoard site started refusing patch uploads from KDevelop's
> patch review plugin; to be exact, from pre-KF5 KDevelop versions. Thus
> locking out what I think is the majority of KDevelop users. A bit of
> stubborn bug hunting later, I found the likely culprit: the site now
> accepts only p1 patches, while the "older" KDevelop versions generate p0
> patches. The plugin's maintainer sees a KDevelop modification to get the
> feature working again as a new feature rather than a bug fix (which it'd
> be according to Albert's definitions, but Aleix is right in implying that
> the bug is *not* in KDevelop).
> So it'd be up to me to come up with a patch, and cross eyes, toes, fingers
> etc. that it'll be accepted.
> That doesn't really help my feeling of a community sense. I can understand
> there's some need for evolution (esp. when an underlying technology like
> Qt forces it), but KDE hasn't been, and for some time now, a toy for
> people who like to live on the bleeding edge and don't mind updating their
> desktop software almost daily. There are people depending on it for their
> productivity. And in turn, that's what drives funds and attracts more
> people to work on it. (And I doubt the KDevelop devs really intend their
> product to exist solely for its own development, which is kind of implied
> when you let features of the current stable version break without at least
> proposing a patch...)

Oh, I see. That shouldn't happen. The only thing I can offer you from my side 
is to help talking to and poking people. Feel free to direct me to links and 
people to talk and ping about this.

But in the long term (or short term but I don't see it realistically seeing my 
personal resources atm ;-) I'd like to see more support for "older" versions 
of our software. I think this will work only with the support of companies 
(paid support) as I think there is too few (wo)man power and interest in the 
spare time community. But as I said, long term project on my long todo list 
for KDE ;-).

> BTW, I'd have created a ticked about the ReviewBoard site on
> sysadmin.kde.org, but there too things stop working for me as soon as I
> login ...

What exactly is the problem?

> Cheers,
> René


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