[KDE/Mac] "native notifications"

Gilles Caulier caulier.gilles at gmail.com
Thu Dec 11 12:30:30 UTC 2014

Hi René,

I seen all you patch send to KDE core team to improve KDE under OSX :
one word : THANKS.

I'm also a Macbook user (with Linux of course) but to see OSX support
better is very important.

To implement native OSX notification, it's very simple but not yet
complete in digiKam.

At least, notifications are registered and displayed in OSX notifier
history but, there are not displayed over the desktop as well when
there are send to notifier. This si due to window management done with
OSX which need to know the active application which send the
notification. Currently, digiKam is not know as active application so,
notification is push in the background as history event.

I look in implementation from my favorite audio player Clementine
(http:///www.clementine.org). I see the rule in ObjC to send
notification, but the way to said to OSX that application is active is
a little bit complicated and code is not clear for me. I plan to
investiguate better in the future, when time permit.

In digikam, look here :


This is the notification wrapper, which analyse host OS and try to
send notification in the better way. macnotification.mm is the famous
ObjC implementation to send notification under OSX.

Voilà, i hope that it will help you...



2014-12-11 12:37 GMT+01:00 René J.V. <rjvbertin at gmail.com>:
> Hello,
> I just happened to notice that one way or another, digiKam posts notifications that are displayed through OS X's own notification centre, at least on OS X 10.9 (cannot remember how that worked on 10.6).
> That's much nicer than the notifications posted e.g. by KDE PIM, which steal focus and can only return it to the application that was frontmost when they were created.
> Thoughts? Gilles, would you mind giving us some pointers where/how you pull this off?
> Cheers,
> René

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