[KDE/Mac] Randa Meetings 2014 and KDE-Mac

Mario Fux kde-ml at unormal.org
Sun Apr 13 14:08:51 UTC 2014

Am Sonntag, 13. April 2014, 05.17:14 schrieb Ian Wadham:

Morning Ian

> On 13/04/2014, at 1:21 AM, mk-lists at email.de wrote:
> > On 12 Apr 2014, at 15:08 , Mario Fux <kde-ml at unormal.org> wrote:
> >> What about this techbase page, is this still ok?
> >> http://techbase.kde.org/Getting_Started/Build/Mac_OS_X/MacPorts
> Hmmmm.  Interesting.  I have not come across that page before.  In 2011,
> I picked up another page, among the KDE-Mac pages, which was soon after
> declared obsolete and "do not use" … but using that page was how I got
> started with developing KDE Games on Mac.
> http://techbase.kde.org/Getting_Started/Build/Mac_OS_X/MacPorts is also
> rather obsolete.  It dates back to 2010.  The interesting thing is the
> section headed "Edit 07/2012", written by "Zarboz".
> Mario, how can I find out who Zarboz is and how to get in touch with
> him/her? The link to Zarboz in the page history is empty.

Found this link:

But otherwise asking kde sysadmins (e.g. on #kde-sysadmin on IRC) might be the 

> What is interesting is that Zarboz was able to install kdesrc-build and get
> it running --- something I have never been able to do.  I must have
> another go.
> Once you have kdesrc-build, it is easy to build and install any part of KDE
> software, independently of whatever you may have in MacPorts.  Then you
> can get debug output and insert your own debugging code.  Obviously, that
> would be an important tool for us.
> > OK, I had a quick look at it now and have to say that I have never ever
> > followed such a path of installation. This obviously allows to have the
> > whole build environment in your user directory. And all this in parallel
> > to an underlying MacPorts installation… Well, I can’t figure out now how
> > those two can coexist without interference.
> Secret KDE business … ;-) … [1]

Nice story ;-).



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