[KDE/Mac] Randa Meetings 2014 and KDE-Mac

Mario Fux kde-ml at unormal.org
Thu Apr 10 07:39:16 UTC 2014

Am Donnerstag, 10. April 2014, 00.50:08 schrieb mk-lists at email.de:

Morning guys

First: great that we see some activity now in here and on kde-devel. Thanks 

> One last remark for tonight.
> Please make use of the “Watch Page” feature on [1] which allows you to see
> whenever the page gets updated. I think that would make a lot of sense for
> staying up-to-date.
> For that to function you’d have to registered and logged on to the
> MacPorts’ wiki, of course.
> [1] https://trac.macports.org/wiki/KDEProblems

Looks good. There seems to be some work ahead.

As you may know I'm also one of the guys who tries to promote that "KDE" is 
the community and not the software. Rebranding and all this stuff. In short 
that means we mainly three components:
- KDE Platform 4 (kdelibs) which will become KDE Frameworks 5 after or with 
the Qt5 port
- Plasma (by KDE): our workspaces for Desktop, Netbook, Mediacenter (this part 
is not really interesting for the Mac port)
- KDE Apps: which is probably the biggest group and most (but not all like 
e.g. Bodega) rely on KF5 (although with it's modularization it's quite 
different: GCompris e.g. atm only depends on one or two frameworks like 
KConfig, Dolphin will depend on many more).

So to be concrete and constructive, I'd like to see the following text 
passages on the wiki changed, if possible:
- "KDE problems" => "KDE software problems" or "Problems of KDE software"
- "KDE-related" => "KDE software related"
- "in order to bring KDE's integration" => "in order to bring the integration 
of KDE software"
- "KDE issues" => "KDE software issues"
- "KDE show stopper" => "KDE software show stopper"
- "KDE build system" => "build system of KDE software"
- "Upcoming new KDE version 4.13" => "Upcoming new version 4.13 of the KDE 
- "Continuous Integration of KDE on OSX" => "CI of KDE software on OSX"
- "KDE on OSX" => "KDE software on OSX"
- Btw there is a small misunderstanding. CI on Windows is very much WIP or at 
the beginning and concept phase. There is nothing real yet.

So if somebody has some time and wiki access they could change this quickly. 
Otherwise I'll get an account and will do it in the next days.


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