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Joan aseques at gmail.com
Wed May 9 08:52:12 UTC 2012

> > Ultimately I'm trying to migrate our office (20+ macs) away from
> ical/mail M$oft apps...esp since Lion.

> I hesitate to suggest this, but have you considered using LibreOffice 3?
>  It used to be
> called OpenOffice.org, but recently split from Oracle and is continuing
> (free) development
> as LibreOffice.  I have had several years of good experiences with it on
> Linux and now
> Mac Os X LIon, mainly with word processing, slide presentations and simple
> spreadsheets.
> I have also found it inter-operates with MS Office and MS Office files
> quite well, which is
> helpful when you need to communicate with MS Windows users.
> LibreOffice is to be preferred, because it continues to develop and
> improve, whereas
> OpenOffice.org is currently more or less static.
Yeah, calligra is evolving nicely, but at this point is still a bit rough,
appart from krita the rest of the office suite is quite crashy for the
average user.
I am using libreoffice myself on mac, and I must say that having upgraded
it to 3.5.2 it's really much better than openoffice used to be.

> > 2. Can i start koffice, WITHOUT starting the whole KDE environment
> KDE apps require the kdeinit4 and dbus processes to be running in the
> background.
> Then they need the KDE libraries and a few runtime processes.  I get all
> of these by
> installing kdelibs4 and kdegames4 from Macports.
> Some KDE apps are tightly integrated with the KDE desktop, so require more
> components
> and are difficult to get running on Mac.  I have given up on the suite
> KMail, Kontact, Akonadi,
> etc, for this reason.  Other apps, such as KMyMoney4 can run on their own,
> provided kdeinit4
> and dbus are running.  I do not know which group Calligra and its
> components (e.g. Krita)
> fall into.
> Calligra, and krita, are in the group that they sould work without more
special stuff, but at the moment there's still some work to do to be able
to run the programs
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