[KDE/Mac] Re: Blog post of the KDE installer, including mockups

Sjors Gielen dazjorz at dazjorz.com
Thu Sep 30 17:22:39 CEST 2010

Op 30 sep 2010, om 17:18 heeft Bernhard Reiter het volgende geschreven:

> Sjors,
> On Friday 20 August 2010 17:48:43 Sjors Gielen wrote:
>> or anybody interested in the KDE on Mac installer I've been thinking about:
>> there are some mockups and some explanations on my blog at
>> <http://dazjorz.com/blog/?p=33>.
> I was interested, but got an internal server error when trying. ;)

Machine is temporarily down. Doing my best to get it up again ASAP :)


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