[KDE/Mac] Re: KDE/kdelibs/kdeui

Sjors Gielen mailinglist at dazjorz.com
Thu Dec 30 11:53:13 CET 2010

Op 28 dec 2010, om 16:32 heeft Frank Osterfeld het volgende geschreven:

> SVN commit 1209931 by osterfeld:
> Add an OS X keychain backend for kwallet. Not all concepts from KWallet (folders, in particular, which are not available as such in keychain) are supported 
> yet. However, I used it successfully in KDE 4.3/4.4 times with Kontact.
> To enable it, pass -DMAC_USE_OSXKEYCHAIN=true to cmake.

This is great! An awesome addition to KWallet. When will you enable it by default? :-)


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