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On Thursday 26 November 2009 21:31:31 Patrick Spendrin wrote:
> Laurent Espitallier schrieb:
> >I have no idea of next KDE on Windows release dates. Is there a
> > roadmap or a rule like : X days after a KDE release for Windows builds ?
> > Maybe I don't have to wait ? :-D
> Well, normally packagers get the new source code one week ahead of the
> release (at least for KDE). So after KDE 4.3.4 was tagged in svn (which
> hasn't yet happened) and which you could check here:
> http://websvn.kde.org/tags/KDE/
> So I normally start building packages then if I find enough time.
> Building packages needs about a day, more problematic is that some
> packages fail then and I might need to work on a patch then and rebuild
> that program with the patch. This also makes clear why building the
> packages might need a bit longer then.
> So normally Windows packages can be ready up to 3-4 days before the
> official release but if to much time is needed it can also be behind the
> schedule.
If you could drop us an email at kde-promo at kde.org each time you know when
your next release is coming out then we can do one of the following:

- In the main SC release announcement/dot article either state that Windows
builds are also released or are expected within [insert timeframe]
- If there will be a longer delay (maybe for a major release?) we can perhaps
put out a short dot article when the release is made - this one probably more
for the major releases...

Same would apply to Mac builds of course (in case anyone on this list is
involved with those?)

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