[KDE/Mac] Macports. 4.2.0

Chris Jones christopher.rob.jones at cern.ch
Wed Jan 28 17:57:09 CET 2009

>> hi,

>> Upgrading went OK for me for a while, but then I hit a conflict
>> between kdebase4 and kdebase4-runtime
> OK, kdebase 4.2.0 and kdebase-runtime-4.2.0 don't have that problem
> (for me)
> So I'm guessing this is an upgrade issue which i don't really know how
> to deal with.
> I say uninstall kdebase4 and try again.
Yes, that did the trick. kdebase4 installed just fine. Trying to  
install a few other packages as I type.

cheers Chris

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