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O illogical1 at gmail.com
Tue Jan 20 18:58:55 CET 2009

We all know I love to do things at the last minute and KDE 4.2.0 is
going to be released this sunday or so. Please test all the -devel
ports in macports and file bugs against things which don't compile or
I did that are just plan stupid.
Things like eigen-devel and phonon-devel may have cmake switches and
knobs that you think should be toggled so if you know about let me
know about it.

Currently we pull stuff from macports when we need things installed
and ports are always a moving target. I think it makes sense to set up
a kde rsync server that has portfiles we need in the versions we know
work (well). Comments?

I don't have a ppc machine and making packages for 10.4 intel, 10.5
intel, 10.4 ppc and 10.5 ppc takes a lot of time. In the future (next
set of packages) I'm only creating 10.5 packages to upload. Then I'll
_attempt_ 10.4 packages.
Short version: I'll prioritize work with what I've got. And ppc get
the short end of the pkg-ing stick (unless someone steps up).

Packaging Team: Having macports in a pretty much OK state for "normal
folk" to contribute, and having spoken to folks like Bill Hoffman
about using CPack at Camp KDE, after 4.2.0 is release I'm shifting
gears and working on getting CPack support integrated into KDE.
This effectively means no more packages from me for anything and I
will merely stay on in an advisory position :-) Hopefully this'll mean
that six months from now Mac and Windows will have CPack installers.
Oh, and we're working with the windows guys on this.

I'll try to get this announced on the dot too but things are at the
point where packaging is pretty simple and we're ready for
contributors. And if there's no interest well, why bother do it
anyways. If you'd like to see support for your platform faster (even
if it's 10.5) it would behoove you to contribute. :-D

Amarokers, Marblites, Digikamies on the mac this is your chance to
shine and help out your favorite application and KDE at the same time.

Let's make kde-mac rawk boyz n gurlz!

Rita Rudner  - "When I eventually met Mr. Right I had no idea that his
first name was Always."

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