[KDE/Mac] here there be updates

Orville Bennett illogical1 at gmail.com
Tue Jan 20 16:19:03 CET 2009

On Jan 20, 2009, at 9:29 AM, Boudewijn Rempt wrote:

> On Tue, 20 Jan 2009, Orville Bennett wrote:
>> Macbook OS 10.5-intel. I find all the cool corner case breakage  
>> 'cause
>> I'm lucky like that :-)
> Completely weird... I'm on a macbook pro with 10.5 -- but in any  
> case, I've committed
> this diff to koffice. Just out of curiosity -- if you open a kword  
> app, does it crash
> for you on close? They all do for me, which doesn't prevent me from  
> developing krita
> mainly on osx, but is still not nice.
Nope, no crash on exit for me. I'm building against 4.2 rc1.
Opening certain documents causes crashes (like my 6 MB odt file w/  
pics and tables). But generally the act of opening and closing without  
touching documents works fine.

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