[KDE/Mac] here there be updates

O illogical1 at gmail.com
Tue Jan 20 14:09:31 CET 2009

G'Mornin' gang. A little state of the mac update before I sign out for the week.
KOffice2 Beta5 is in macports along with much of KDE 4.2 RC1 under the
-devel label.
KDEEDU probably coming later today if I can figure it out.
These ports can NOT be installed along with kde 4.1.4. If you want
both you'll have to do the activate/deactivate dance.

Something weird in my testing is going on with the kdebase4-devel and
kdebase4-runtime-devel ports.
If you start an application and get no window, only to have one show
up after you select the Quit entry from the Dock you've hit this bug.
What I had to do to get this to work was launch kdeinit4.app. If you
don't have kdeinit4.app in /Applications/Macports try rebuilding after
installing qimageblitz.

Oh yes, and apps are now installed to /Applications/Macports or more
specifically ${applications_dir} which can be set in
/opt/local/etc/macports/macports.conf. Perhaps before the 4.2.0
portfiles I'll put them in there own KDE4 directory what do you think
of that?
Personally I think the extra click necessitated by this change isn't worth it.

Emo Philips  - "I was sleeping the other night, alone, thanks to the

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