[KDE/Mac] Speech recognition in combination with kde

Orville Bennett illogical1 at gmail.com
Sun Feb 1 15:32:45 CET 2009

On Jan 31, 2009, at 8:59 AM, Edmund Highcock wrote:

>  dear kde Mac developers,
> Apologies if this list was not meant for requests like this -- please
> let me know.
> I'm using speech recognition software, generally to dictate code using
> Kate. However, there is a fundamental difference between the way the
> cursor is controlled in kde than in Mac OS X. which is as follows:
> If you use shift plus left or right arrow key to select some text in
> MacOS X, then let go shift and press the --opposite-- arrow key, the
> cursor will return to the --beginning-- of your selection. If you do
> the same operation in kde then the cursor will stay in the same place,
> i.e. at the --end-- of your selection.
>  This fundamental difference is almost a showstopper for using the
> speech recognition software, because it means that all the software's
> correction facilities do not work.
> Do you know of any way in which I can change that behaviour? Your help
> would be really appreciated.
Dear Edmund,
This is a basic design difference between the Kate's Text editor on  
whatever is used on OS X. There may be some magic switch to enable the  
behavior you desire but I don't know of it. I would suggest filing a  
bug report on bugs.kde.org with you request above, along with reasons  
you want it implemented, as a wish.

I would also suggest asking about the feasibility of implementing this  
on the kwrite-devel [at] kde [dot] org, linking to your wish request  
(or just explaining again why you need this feature) and perhaps even  
CC-ing the kde-accessibility [at] kde [dot] org list.

There is nothing special about kate/kwrite or OS X that prevents it  
from doing this AFAIK so this is a general KDE feature request.

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