[KDE/Mac] Problem with installation of KDE Mac 4.1 beta 1 packages from http://mac.kde.org/

Dmitriy Buldakov dmitriy.buldakov at toatech.com
Wed Jul 9 15:28:18 CEST 2008

I've got some problem with the installation.
Finally all of them have been resolved, and I wish tell you about this  
problems and how the problems was resolved to help other people.
Some ways to resolve this problem have been described in the list, but  
personally I am not happy with the described way of fixing.

First of all the dependencies map on http://mac.kde.org/?id=download is  
not good.

You must install kdebase-runtime to get icons in kde application. You may  
have icons even without this package if the icons had been installed.
But you will never have the icons without the kdebase-runtime if you  
install kde for the first time.

Unfortunately the package is corrupted, and you must fix the package (and  
some other packages) before installation.

In fact there are two kinds of problem with the packages.
the first problem already described on the http://mac.kde.org/

> Note: A bug was found in the installer packages. Before installing, run,  
> in a terminal:chmod a+x *.pkg/Contents/Resources/postflight

Without this fix some of post-install procedures cannot be ran.

There is one more bug in kdebase-runtime and ktorrent installer packages.

The destination folder is /opt/kde4, and it is usually owned by root  
because it out of home folder.
it means that you must have administrator privileges to install any of kde  

Most of packages was marked as required the administration authorization  
but this two.

To fix it you need to change Contents/Info.plist files of the packages.
- open file
- find the lines
- change it to be
- save file
- do the same with ktorrent.pkg/Contents/Info.plist

You can do it with the following terminal command:
sed -e '/NoAuthorization/s//AdminAuthorization/' -i .orig  

the command patches the files and creates backups of original files with  
extension 'orig'

Note: keep in mind, that the commands should be ran in the folder where  
install packages were stored.

After this fixes the packages can be installed correctly.

Enjoy KDE.

PS: One more time:
1) open the terminal application
2) go to the folder where packages were stored
3) fix post-install scripts permissions
chmod a+x *.pkg/Contents/Resources/postflight
4) patch Info.plist files
sed -e '/NoAuthorization/s//AdminAuthorization/' -i .orig  
5) install packages

Dmitriy Buldakov

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