[KDE/Mac] packaging monkey reporting in - 4.2 beta2 is go!

Leo Franchi lfranchi at kde.org
Wed Dec 24 01:45:15 CET 2008

On 23 Dec 2008, at 18:24, Jonas Bähr wrote:

> Hi,
> Am 22.12.2008 um 02:55 schrieb Orville Bennett:
>> Well, sorta. Some beta2 port files added to macports today.
>> kdelibs4-devel
> After upgrading automoc kdelibs4-devel compiles but kdeui refuses to
> link because of the undefined symbols "mac_initialize_dbus()" and
> "mac_fork_and_reexec_self()".
> These symbols are in kdecore.5.2.0.dynlib (I checked with nm and got
> the names C++ mangled) and the link-command below should also search
> in "../lib/libkdecore.5.2.0.dylib".
> At a first glance it *should* work, but it doesn't...
> How did you manage to compile this? My system is Mac OS X 10.5.6 on
> intel, gcc-4.2, cmake-2.6.2

You'll need to patch two CMakeLists. Patch is at the end of this blog  



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