[KDE/Mac] macports portfiles updated

Brian Jackson iggy at theiggy.com
Thu Aug 14 18:01:22 CEST 2008

As Lovelace said, the ports are still under heavy development. The eventual 
goal is for them to be in macports. I don't think the ports or kde4 are to 
that point yet. I think this is still mostly an exercise for developers.


On Wednesday 13 August 2008 3:36:05 am Martin Krischik wrote:
> Zitat von Brian Jackson <iggy at theiggy.com>:
> > I've moved the portfiles to be hosted on github and I've fixed
> > everything I know how to fix.
> Why don't we host the port files for KDE at MacPort.org - It would
> seem the more user friendly solution to have everything at one place.
> Besides: MacPort.org has all the infrastructure for "port selfupdate"
> and "port upgrade outdated" in place. It seems wasteful to duplicate
> there effort. And it would not work "out of the box" as one would need
> to edit "/etc/macports/sources.conf" to add a 2nd repository.
> Martin

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