[kde-linux] How to silence the device notifier in a multi seat environment

Juan Ignacio Saitua jisaitua at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 12 14:23:31 UTC 2015

On Wednesday, November 11, 2015 10:53 PM, Duncan wrote:

> First thing, please don't post in HTML to mailing lists.

I am sorry about that, and I apologize for not having been more cautious with 
this #$#! webmail client. 

> I actually prefer the manual way, entering the mount command in konsole 
> or the like.  That way I know it's not mounted until I mount it, and when 
> it's mounted, I know the options its mounted with and that they include 
> nodev,noexec,user(s), etc, if appropriate, and that they don't, if not.
> What I'd do here if necessary for less technically literate users (or 
> those without the perms ordinarily necessary to do the mount) would be to 
> setup a script with exactly the options I wanted, put an icon for it on 
> the desktop or in the menu, and tell them to click it to access their 
> device if they want to.  I might even get fancy and use kdialog or the 
> like to script a popup dialog telling them they can now use it, and that 
> they can close the dialog window when they are done using it, as that 
> will automatically kill anything still using it and unmount the device.
> The script would have the appropriate sudo mount command if necessary, 
> and that specific mount command would be allowed for them in /etc/sudoers, 
> so no dbus or polkit necessary.

I used udevil at some point, and it kinda works as the script you described, 
but the only thing I was missing was some way to trigger that "usb insertion 
device" event in the kde device notifier so to have a "pure" kde experience. 
Maybe I should keep looking for dbus/kde and how to trigger that event.

Thank you.
Juan Ignacio Saitua.

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