[kde-linux] Sound problem

Robert Rea gapetard at stsams.org
Fri Nov 7 20:01:00 UTC 2014

using opensuse 12.3, KDE 4.10.5 "release 1", Firefox 33.0

When I connect to streaming audio, I expect to get a streaming source in KDE 
Mixer and there is none . The windows says "nothing is capturing audio" when I 
have a stream set up. Sometimes I can log out and when I log back in, the 
streaming audio volume slider is there. sometimes this does not work. The go 
arrow is grayed out when the mouse touches it. I have a large amount of lag, 
2.5 seconds at the moment, and I can't locate where it is coming from, but it 
affects everything on line.

What should I do about this?

Bob Rea
mailto:gapetard at stsams.org

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