[kde-linux] How do I change the font of the desktop labels in the taskbar?

Mun Johl Mun.Johl at Emulex.Com
Wed Feb 27 17:41:17 UTC 2013

Hi Duncan, Felix,

Thanks for the replies.
Please see my comments below.

On Tue, Feb 26, 2013 at 09:39 PM PST, Duncan wrote:
D> Mun Johl posted on Tue, 26 Feb 2013 15:37:52 -0800 as excerpted:
D> > My Platform:
D> >    Red Hat Enterprise Linux Client release 5.9 (Tikanga)
D> >    Qt: 3.3.6 KDE: 3.5.4-26.el5_7.1 Red Hat
D> > 
D> > I am trying to figure out which font setting applies to the desktop
D> > labels on the taskbar.  I have tried modifying the "Taskbar" font via
D> > the KDE Control Center, but that only changed the font of the labels for
D> > the open applications, and not the desktop labels.  I actually want to
D> > do the reverse if possible: That is, only change the font of the desktop
D> > labels, and not the labels of the running applications.
D> > 
D> > BTW, do I need to reboot for the change to take affect on the desktop
D> > labels?
D> Wow, qt3, kde3, that's half a decade out of date, and kde 3.5.4 is 
D> several years older than that!  I doubt you'll find many who remember the 
D> details that far back, let alone who are still running it.  You'd 
D> probably be better off on the Red Hat forums, assuming they're still 
D> supporting it, as you'll likely at least have people there still running 
D> stuff of that vintage.

Thanks for the tip, I'll give that a shot.

BTW, I do realize I'm running with old versions; but believe it or not,
I apply every update Red Hat makes available on this platform.  Sigh.



D> Meanwhile, I can't answer the taskbar font question as I haven't actually 
D> run a taskbar (I do alt-tab, or task-list with a middle-click on the 
D> desktop, or with kde4, there's the cube/cylinder/globe-switch, grid-
D> switch, and other opengl-effect-based choices available) since... 
D> probably kde 3.2 era.
D> But I can answer the last question.  A reboot shouldn't be necessary, tho 
D> you may have to restart plasma (if you were running kde4) or ... it'd be 
D> kicker back in the kde3 era.  Alternatively, simply restart kde (logout 
D> and back in if using a *dm graphical login, or quit kde/X and run startx 
D> or whatever again, if using a CLI (commaind line interface) login and 
D> starting X/kde from there).  There's definitely no need for a full 
D> reboot, since X and kde run on top of the CLI.
D> As I said, for the font question, your best bet is a RHEL5 forum, tho 
D> it's /possible/ you'll find someone here who remembers that far back and 
D> even remotely possible you'll find someone else actually still running 
D> it, tho I doubt it as the discussion is pretty much all kde4 these days, 
D> and most folks still running kde3 would have unsubscribed as it's 99% 
D> noise, to them.
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