[kde-linux] Fedora 17 KDE 4.6.4 wireless setup

Duncan 1i5t5.duncan at cox.net
Tue Jul 10 08:18:49 UTC 2012

Jerome Yuzyk posted on Tue, 10 Jul 2012 01:18:34 -0600 as excerpted:

> Oops, should be 4.8.4.
> On Monday, July 09, 2012 11:45:47 PM Jerome Yuzyk
> <jerome at supernet.ab.ca>
> wrote:
>> So how am I supposed to use the KDE Network Settings to add a wireles
>> connection when I keep being told "Insufficient Privileges" when I try
>> to save my changes?
>> And how can I turn off the popup notification that comes along a few
>> seconds after to remind me?

Please reply under the quote, to keep queastion/update/answer in 
appropriate order.  (Edit the quote to the point you're replying to if it 
gets too long, or [paraphrase], or reply inline under each point you're 
replying to.)

I'm definitely not a wireless expert, and I setup wired networking as an 
init-level service, so I don't have a lot of personal experience with 
this.  And I run gentoo not fedora.  But with that disclaimer...

I think what you're looking for is likely to be the policykit (polkit) 
setup, in kde settings, under system administration.  Do note that if 
you're not setup with basic admin privs for your user, you may need to 
login as root and setup your user with admin privs before you can adjust 
the privs as your user in that section.

But of course there's a security tradeoff.  I don't give my normal kde/
GUI user admin privs at all, but for one, the ability to (CLI not GUI, 
konsole or text VT, not X/KDE) sudo (with password) to a "proper" admin 
user, who then has (again, text, I don't do any admin tasks via GUI) 
generally unrestricted passwordless sudo access to everything.  So I 
don't really use the polkit authorizations for anything at all, and would 
likely not have them installed at all if they weren't kde dependencies.

But with the proper polkit authorizations, you should be able to do the 
wireless connection via GUI without issues.

Other than that general answer hopefully at least pointing you in the 
right direction, if you don't get a more fedora specific answer from 
someone else here, I'd suggest trying the fedora lists or forums.  Of 
course then you might get fedora specific but gnome, not kde, help.  
Still, at least they should hopefully be able to tell you what specific 
polkit and/or file permissions you need, while all I can do is point you 
in that general direction.

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