[kde-linux] Strigi-0.7.6

James Tyrer jrtyrer at earthlink.net
Wed Jul 4 22:57:54 UTC 2012

Did someone like totally forget to release a tarball for: "strigi-0.7.6" 
& "strigi-0.7.7"?

I also note that it is/was a real pain to get it from GIT because:

It is broken up into submodules but there is NO indication of this and 
no real indication of which repository is the main module or that it 
doesn't contain the code.

In order to checkout the modules it is necessary to have a section in 
your: ".gitconfig" file that can be found only with a lot of searching 
in KDE TechBase, or you have to edit the: ".gitmodules" file.  Again we 
appear to have the typical KDE hubris -- the presumption that users 
would only be building TRUNK.


So, about an hour wasted.  As someone with college training in software 
engineering, these stupid mistakes are very annoying.

Note that you need Strigi >= 0.7.6 because the older versions will not 
work with the current release of Clucene.  Again, I had to use trial and 
error to figure that out.  The lack of documentation is a serious issue 
since this dependency issue still applies for those that do not build 
from source.

James Tyrer

Linux (mostly) From Scratch

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