[kde-linux] Konqueror and Dolphin using 100% CPU

Duncan 1i5t5.duncan at cox.net
Tue Feb 28 04:42:20 UTC 2012

Dale posted on Mon, 27 Feb 2012 08:53:27 -0600 as excerpted:

> Maybe I should use another file manager other than KDE provided ones for
> a while.

LOL.  In other threads I've said several times that my file manager 
choice is based on task/role.

For sysadmin tasks and in general, any time I'm not going to be clicking 
on files in ordered to open them (thus, for normal "file management", 
moving/copying/renaming/deleting/chmoding/chrowning, plus for plain-text-
editing, diff display, and compression-management/browsing), I strongly 
prefer mc, aka midnight commander.  Its ncurses-based display and semi-
graphical UI just tends to be more efficient for that sort of thing, at 
least for me, than a full iconizing GUI fileman.

For graphic-intensive tasks, browsing and viewing images or video, or 
managing them in scenarios where I really need to see not just icons but 
thumbnails of the actual images/video, and sometimes view/play enough to 
verify I'm getting the ones I intended, gwenview.

For file-picker/opener type file browsing and for occasional drag-n-drop, 
I'll often use either the folderview quickaccess plasmoids (quickaccess 
works better if the target is beyond the second level in depth), helped 
by the fact that I created a directory that contains basically all 
symlinks to various frequently browsed dirs in the system, so I seldom 
have to go more than three levels deep and the target is often just one 
level below the symlinks dir, which is just off the dir pointed at by the 
folderview and quickaccess plasmoids on the desktop, so it's often just 
two levels deep.

There's only three rare scenarios, therefore, in which I generally open a 
full file manager like dolphin/konqueror, and all three are rare enough 
I've not formed a file manager preference for this case, dolphin, 
konqueor, whatever other general work-similar, fine with me as long as it 
handles general kde drag-n-drop and click-to-open.  First, when I'm doing 
audio-only (or other, but usually audio-only as everything else generally 
ends up fitting another task/scenario better) file management similar to 
what I'd use gwenview for were it images/video, since gwenview doesn't 
show anything but images/video (I really do wish gwenview would handle 
audio files as well, possibly with an option similar to the one it has 
for video files, so it could handle all my media management tasks).  
Second, as one or the other drag-n-drop end when the other is the desktop 
folderview/quickaccess plasmoids I mentioned, on the desktop (when the dir 
pointed to by those plasmoids isn't one end or the other, it's generally 
mc time).  Third, when doing enough click-to-opens or other minor file 
processing on non-media files (gwenview preferred for media) that the 
single-shot folderview/quickaccess browsing isn't efficient, but not 
enough real file management to invoke mc.

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