[kde-linux] Konqueror and Dolphin using 100% CPU

Dale rdalek1967 at gmail.com
Thu Feb 23 03:47:18 UTC 2012


I am mostly curious right now.  I used to use Konqueror as my file
manager.  I noticed when I left it idle for a bit, it would start using
100% of one of my cores.  It has been doing this for a while so I can't
say which upgrade it started on.  Anyway, when it started doing this, I
switched to Dolphin for my manager.  I thought maybe it would be more up
to date or something.  Anyway, it does the same thing.

When I use top, or htop, to show what is using so much CPU, it is
kdeinit4 at the beginning but either Konqueror or Dolphin as the actual
process running.  I'm not sure what triggers this issue right now.  I
usually use it to watch videos or something.  It doesn't do it in a way
that is reproducible yet but I am trying to figure out what triggers it.
 When I close the file manager, the CPUs go back to normal.

I'm using Platform Version 4.8.0 but it was doing it on the last version

Has anyone else seen this?  If so, any fix yet?

Also, I had to disable previews on my Desktop.  When I would hover the
mouse over a icon, it would kill the kicker at the bottom and my
wallpaper.  It would kill processes to the point that I could not logout
normally.  I could not right click on the desktop and since the kicker
was gone, no K menu either.  I'm not sure if these could be related and
most likely are not but it is a odd thing.  On this matter, I have mine
set to show the icons on my desktop.  I think it is called "folder view."



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