[kde-linux] Limit for keyboard layouts?

Rajko M. rmatov101 at charter.net
Tue Sep 13 02:00:17 UTC 2011

On Saturday, September 10, 2011 11:29:31 AM Stan Goodman wrote:
> On Saturday 10 September 2011 17:29:09 Rajko M. wrote:
> ...
> Unless I am really confused, I recall that in oS v10.x there was no such
> limit, 

Right, as a matter of fact, it was fine in KDE3. 

Finally I found the kde bug report again:

where is mentioned:
which is merely discussion about the reason for limitation, workarounds etc. 

> > So if you need 5 or more, you are in the same position as I am :)
> Good to have company. Do you have a workaround? How do you manage?

The only solution right now is thinkering what languages and alphabets I need 
more, so that I don't have to switch manually. Also, in the bug report are 
mentioned some workarounds. The official in switcher module (Kxkb) is 
explained here:

So, finally I can have all layouts I possibly can use :) 
It seems that there is a glitch that blocks adding languages if advanced tab 
is visited and 
  Configure Keyboard Options 
is touched (checked and unchecked). 
One has to close and open configuration screen in order to add languages. 


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