[kde-linux] Re: Password protect one folder?

yahoo-pier_andreit pier_andreit at yahoo.it
Thu Jan 20 17:54:12 UTC 2011

Il 20/01/2011 16:42, Werner Joss ha scritto:
> Am Donnerstag, 20. Januar 2011, um 01:08:13 schrieb Dale:
>> I'm not sure what program does this but in mine, if I right click on a 
>> file or directory in Konqueror, I can select to encrypt it in the 
>> actions part of the menu.  I have done this before and it does work.  I 
>> think it uses Kgpg but not sure.  I know I use the same password I gave it.
> right, konqueror/dolphin use the kgpg-kpart for this.
> nice feature, but not ecactly what the OP was asking for,
> as you always have to encrypt/decrypt yourself (hence,
> no automatic encryption when leaving the computer).

Times ago I used a trick, assign the folder to another user and adding
an action to kde menu open with other user, it asks me the password,
could be useful to add this feature to files and folder in linux, the
feature to ask always password :-)

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