[kde-linux] Re: quad monitor video resources

Allistar allistar.m at gmail.com
Mon Jan 17 00:25:20 UTC 2011

Matt `da Wolf wrote:

> I'm running SLI'd nvidia geforce 5 GTX 9600 (1 gb) video cards and four
> 1920x1080 displays on a Kubuntu 10.10 distro. When I have all four
> running, everything gui related, clicking and menus is sluggest. It gets
> better if I disconnect the two on top. What would you all recommend for
> better performance on a budget? I'm not a gamer anymore, I just want
> everything to work decently.

Stop using Xinerama. It's slow.

Instead, use TwinView. This will mean however that you'll need two X screens 
(the top two, and the bottom two) and if you're running KDE4 or later, you 
will only be able to run KDE4 on one of those screens. I have a triple head 
layout and run e16 on one of the screens.

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