[kde-linux] touchpad features disabled after resume

paul s kde-linux.mail.kde.org at queuemail.com
Mon May 3 23:54:08 UTC 2010

hi -

on this computer...


after resume the touchpad features(scrolling, tapping, etc) are disabled 
and need to go to [ System Settings --> Keyboard & Mouse --> Touchpad 
--> General ] and toggle the touchpad on --> off --> on --> CTRL-A to 
get that functionality to return.

i have /etc/pm/sleep.d/10-mactel-bcm5974

case "$1" in
                 modprobe -r bcm5974
                 modprobe bcm5974
         *) exit $NA

which is, what i would imagine, makes the touchpad active upon resume.

is there some dcop call that i can add to toggle this automatically? it 
seems to be kde specific since i started using kcm_touchpad-0.3.1-1.fc12 
instead of the fdi configuration.

I also have an issue where smart mode(Disable touchpad while typing) is 
grayed out. however running /usr/bin/syndaemon -i 0.7 -d at login is an 
effect patch, but why would it be greyed out?


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