[kde-linux] Help needed: KAuth and SystemSettings.

James Tyrer jrtyrer at earthlink.net
Thu Mar 25 20:08:57 UTC 2010

On 03/25/10 10:21, Dr.-Ing. Edgar Alwers wrote:
> Hi, Hi Anne,
> Me too, I need help, as James do. I am happy, that discussions are
> becomming more objective, my experiences in the other forum were not
> good ( "take distro binaries if you are not able to build" ).
It would appear that you were also inaccurately (to use a more objective
word than 'falsely') that you didn't know how to build KDE when the
issue is clearly one of configuration.

>> James, you know well enough that the fact that something doesn't
>> work on your installation does not automatically mean that KDE
>> have released something in a 'seriously broken' state.
> I would not say, that the released product is "seriously broken".

Only some parts of it.  But, I do see a serious issue.  It appears to me
that sufficient attention has only been given to the outward appearance
of KDE-4.4.  Underneath (the actual programing code rather than the GUI)
a lot of things don't work 100%.  I had a list and was willing to work
on them, but Anne Wilson told me not to.

> We can work and KDE-4.4 is still under development.

With the release number of 4.4.1, the basic features shouldn't have been
developed by now.

> But I would appreciate, if problems like James and I have, would not
> been considered as more or less our "private" misconfiguration and
> inability of building, like some developers insinuated. We are both
> experienced persons. "27/249"<i27249 at gmail.com>  seems to have
> solved this authorization issue after some weeks or hard work on
> directories etc. It shows, that with the exception perhaps of
> distros, other persons _do_ experience problems building KDE-4.4,
> what, at least, shows a lack of documentation.
Getting back to "seriously broken", it appears to me that whether or not 
KDE is, to whatever extent, "broken" should be judged not by the ability 
of various distros to fix what is broken, but must be judged based on 
the code which KDE releases.

James Tyrer

Linux (mostly) From Scratch

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