[kde-linux] JPEG 7 vs KDE-4.4 (DLL HELL comes to Linux?)

James Tyrer jrtyrer at earthlink.net
Fri Mar 12 11:23:27 UTC 2010

James Tyrer wrote:
> James Tyrer wrote:
>> Wrong JPEG library version: library is 70, caller expects 62
> This message appears to be coming from the JPEG library.  So, this 
> appears to be a bug.  If KDE functions require version 62, then the 
> build system needs to be able to link to it by version number.  I don't 
> have a lot of experience with CMake, so I don't know exactly how to do 
> this as I would with autotools.
Jpeg 8a gives the same error message with a different version.  This is 
a JPEG error message.  It is in jerror.h at line 57.  Could this be a Qt 

James Tyrer

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