[kde-linux] Resizing Plasma widgets in 4.4

Duncan 1i5t5.duncan at cox.net
Tue Mar 9 22:45:02 UTC 2010

Dag Nygren posted on Tue, 09 Mar 2010 19:39:36 +0200 as excerpted:

> tisdag 09 mars 2010 17:20:10 skrev  Kolia --:
>> > After upgrading to 4.4 I have no small icons on the plasma widgets
>> > any more (resize, rotate and so on..)
>> Sorry if this sounds stupid, but are your widgets unlocked ?
> Valid question :-)
> But unfortunately they are. I even get the "background shadow" where the
> buttons were previously when hovering over the widget, but it is just en
> empty bar. Do you other guys have the resize, wrench etc there still in
> 4.4?

I'm in the process of upgrading to 4.4.1 in the background right now, so 
I'm basing this on 4.4.0 experience, Gentoo/~amd64, FWIW.

There is at least in 4.4.0 some sort of bug, as I had, sort of, a similar 
experience.  Only in my case, it only happened on /some/ of the plasmoids, 
not all of them (some still had the expected toolbox with the various 
icons, which worked as expected), and, recognizing what I thought was some 
sort of plasma session corruption, I killed and restarted plasma-desktop 
(I have hotkeys setup to do this, or you can use killall or kquitapp in 
krunner, or in konsole), at which point I got toolboxes back for all 

It's only after seeing your post that I recognize that the problem wasn't 
limited to some sort of session corruption limited to just me.  But the 
problem did happen to me twice, both times recovered by restarting plasma-
desktop. (IIRC, I restarted KDE entirely, the one time, returning to a 
text console and issuing startx once again, the second time, I just 
restarted plasma-desktop, which I sometimes kill for other reasons so knew 
how to kill and restart, already.)

So yes, I've seen either the same problem or something similar, but here 
it didn't affect every plasmoid, only some of them, and restarting plasma 
fixed the problem, at least temporarily.

Hopefully the 4.4.1 update fixes the issue, as it was /quite/ frustrating 

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