[kde-linux] Resetting digital clock in panel to 24 hour format?

Dale rdalek1967 at gmail.com
Sat Jul 10 17:56:32 UTC 2010

Peter Gahzinia wrote:
> Thomas Taylor<linxt<at>  comcast.net>  writes:
>> Hi Folks;
>> Is there a way to reset the digital clock display on the panel to use 24 hour
>> notation?  I've tried right clicking it but couldn't find anything there to
>> reset it.  Nor did I find anything in Start>  Configure Desktop>  Computer
>> Administration>  Date&  Time where the digital display is in 24 hour format
>> under the analog clock.
>> Not an earth shaking problem, just an annoyance.  When playing around in an
>> earlier version of KDE, I was able to accomplish it by setting language to
>> British english as I recall bit I'd prefer US english due to spelling
>> diferences.
>> Thanks, Tom
> Were you able to make any progress on this? I just installed Fedora 13 and can't
> get the digital clock to display in 24 hour time.
> As a side note, top posting>  bottom posting ;p
> Thanks
> Pete

I noticed something yesterday.  I have a second user account to use when 
testing a bad config or something.  I logged into it and I noticed that 
the clock was in 24 hour format.  I didn't pay much attention to it but 
I'm pretty sure it was.

Maybe you should create a new account and just log in and see if it is 
in 24 hour format.  May not work but worth a try.


:-)  :-)

P. S.  I don't like the 24 hour format.  I'll help you get it if I can 
tho since you do like it.  ;-)

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