[kde-linux] kpackagekit doesn't let me authenticate, won't run

Wolf Halton wolf.halton at gmail.com
Fri Jan 22 13:55:48 UTC 2010

The kpackagekit notifications come up at intervals, but when I click install
it says I am not authenticated to do that.  Using Ubuntu 9.10, KDE 4.x.
 I see no place to authenticate, and I don't know where to change the
kpackagekit call that activates the notification to 'gksu kpackagekit'.  I
have searched the web for answers on this and the issue seems to be common,
but the respondants have poorly understood the question.
I know I have to be root or sudoer to root to upgrade packages.  What I want
to understand is where the config file is, I think.  otherwise, sudo
aptitude dist-upgrade is working fine.


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