[kde-linux] kdebase from the 4.4 branch depends on phonon from trunk

Trent Shea trentshea at gmail.com
Thu Jan 21 15:11:26 UTC 2010

On Thursday 21 January 2010 06:39:16 Rex Dieter wrote:
> Use qt-4.6.1's phonon or phonon-4.3.80.  The latter is at
> http://download.kde.org/unstable/phonon/

I'm pretty sure that the 4.6.1 phonon still doesn't cut it:
/opt/qt-4.6-eccddae15a5e675e3b72a72b10457a5e9ea340b7/bin/qmake --version
QMake version 2.01a
Using Qt version 4.6.1 in /opt/qt-4.6-

error: phonon/globalconfig.h: No such file or directory

I'm trying to avoid unstable or trunk when building my desktop. It's nice to 
build against 'sanctioned' or known to work/mass distributed versions. I'm not 
sure that trunk or unstable meet my desires.

If someone can confirm this phonon dependency on trunk or, 4.3.80, and it's not 
just me noticing this maybe kdebase's CMakeLists.txt should be updated to 
depend on a different version of phonon?

For the record I have tried phonon-trunk but when it's present the qt demos 
that use sound fail. I'm afraid I don't have the error message or a system 
capable of reproducing the error right now, but I did see bugzilla reports out 
there so it's not something unique to my system.

Thanks for the advice

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