[kde-linux] Desktop Names

Wolfgang Mueller wm at ariannuccia.de
Tue Jan 19 12:32:33 UTC 2010

Kolia wrote:
> I don't know. What you can try is to change of theme (see system
> settings > Appearance, or customize your theme to choose another style
> for the panel only, of for the widgets only (See System Settings >
> Advanced > Desktop details)

Thank you very much. At the place you indicated I found a long list,
the second entry of which is "Panel background". When I try to change
it, a small pop-up window appears, which says:

* To change your desktop theme to "(Customized)", open the desktop *
* Appearance Settings and select "(Customized)" from the droplist. *

But I cannot find a droplist that contains the entry "(Customized)"
neither in
System Settings > General > Look & Feel > Appearance
nor in
System Settings > General > Look & Feel > Desktop

Very probably these places are both wrong, because the text in the
pop-up window says "Desktop Appearance Settings", but I don't find
an entry with this name.

Any idea where else I can look for that droplist?


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