[kde-linux] custom colors in kmail are all black

Bruce MacArthur bmacasuru at fastmail.us
Fri Jan 8 08:21:14 UTC 2010

On Thursday 07 January 2010 11:17:35 pm Kevin Kempter wrote:
> Hi All;
> somehow all my custom colors have become black in the Kmail settings. 
I tried 
> clicking on 'defaults'  and I tried loading the pre-set color profiles 
but the 
> colors remain black. I can change one at a time but cannot get them to 
> to defaults.
> Any thoughts on how to fix this?
> I'm using Kontact 4.3.4
> Thanks in advance
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Hello, Kevin --

Sorry, but I'M not YET ready with "answers".  However, I would like to 
make two suggestions.  The first is to send a message to kdepim-users 
instead of kde-linux.  The second is to specify the versions of ALL 
applicable software.  You might try to clarify your usages -- you talk 
of changing KMail colors -- in Kontact!  It may work, but when you are 
having problems, the devil may be in those details!

Bruce   Mac Arthur
     bmacasuru at fastmail.us

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