[kde-linux] kmail - turn off html?

Gaffer. derrick_s at tesco.net
Fri Jan 1 12:23:38 UTC 2010

On Thursday 31 December 2009 22:08:25 Dale wrote:
> Gaffer. wrote:
> > Hi JJ,
> >
> > On Thursday 31 December 2009 18:08:56 J J Murphy wrote:
> >> No, (and not meaning to be aggressive or rude) nor is "deflecting"
> >> the subject and avoiding the questions. I am genuinely interested
> >> in the answers.
> >
> > Just my take on this.
> > Whilst Linux is in general far more secure than Windows,  it is
> > very easy to embed all manner of things into HTML.   You can put
> > clickable links into a plain text mail.  But you will have to
> > deliberately click on it to activate it.  The difference is that
> > the same link can be automatically used by the rendering engine for
> > HTML without your knowledge.
> >
> > The same is true of any scripting, that uses the various mechanisms
> > to change alter or otherwise modify the behavior of that engine.
> >
> > Like most users I turn off HTML !  I also impose a strict size
> > limit on any downloaded mail with no automatic exceptions.
> One could also add that you could forward a email to a windoze user
> that has something "nasty" attached and not even know it.  After all,
> most viruses won't do anything on Linux since they are written to run
> on windoze.  You can forward them to someone where it does cause
> harm. Even tho I don't like windoze, I wouldn't want to pass a virus
> on to someone who does like it or is forced to use it.
> Dale
> :-)  :-)

Yes very true ! 
Since I always use plain text, that one hadn't occurred to me till you 
pointed it out.

Best Regards:

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