[kde-linux] Re: KDE on high resolution monitor

Duncan 1i5t5.duncan at cox.net
Sun Dec 12 12:51:10 UTC 2010

yahoo-pier_andreit posted on Sun, 12 Dec 2010 12:45:59 +0100 as excerpted:

> yes but your is a big screen 22 inch, my is a 15 inch :-)

Yeah, and I have two of them so real estate isn't at such a premium (I can 
zoom to double-size and still fit a full 960x1080 on-screen in stacked 22" 
monitors, which makes it nice for reading a web page or the like, the 
reason I'm trying to save up now for dual 42" 1080p LED monitors, as I 
know what double-size looks like and I want it!).

> I tryed zoom effect, it is quite buggy, zoom in, zoom out and real size
>  doesn't work fine, sometime doesn't work at all, now I'm working with
> zoom in and cannot disable it:-)

Hmm... zoom works perfectly, here, and has for awhile.  (Radeon r7xx 
hardware in KMS mode, with one patch not yet in the mainline kernel for 
legacy AGP based r7xx cards, kernel 2.6.37-rcs, xorg-server 1.9.3-rcs, 
mesa 7.9; kernel 2.6.37 is shaping up VERY well, here, the best and most 
stable I've yet seen on this hardware, I had about a month of uptime on a 
shortly post 2.6.37-rc1 git kernel, before I updated and tested a newer 
one.  That's nearly unheard of stability that early in the kernel cycle, 
at least for me!  But zoom has worked pretty much glitch free since 2.6.35 
and kde 4.4.x, if not earlier, here.  And it's working fine on an older 
kernel and kde 4.4.x on my netbook with Intel gma450 graphics, too.)

> sharpen is better, increase total usability and with the small fonts I
> can etter read :-)

Yeah.  But it has almost an "emboss effect" on images, OK for cartoons and 
etc, but not really for nature photos, etc.  At least that's my 

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