[kde-linux] mp3 playback within Firefox?

Mark Knecht markknecht at gmail.com
Sat Dec 11 21:21:02 UTC 2010

Hi all. First post here.

I've been running KDE for a while now but haven't done much personal
configuration. One small problem I'm having is that mp3 files don't
play back within Firefox like OGG files do. What's the KDE specific
way of getting this to work?

I understand that Firefox isn't the KDE browser but I use it on other
platforms and would like to use it successfully within KDE. My system
is Gentoo 64-bit, mostly stable except for a few apps. KDE Ver.-4.4.5.
I've attached a list of packages currently installed.


c2stable ~ # eix -cI kde
[I] kde-base/kde-env (4.4.5(4.4)@08/03/10): Environment setting
required for all KDE4 apps to run.
[I] kde-base/kde-l10n (4.4.5(4.4)@10/12/10): KDE internationalization package
[I] kde-base/kde-meta (4.4.5(4.4)@10/12/10): KDE - merge this to pull
in all split kde-base/* packages
[I] kde-base/kdeadmin-meta (4.4.5(4.4)@10/12/10): KDE administration
tools - merge this to pull in all kdeadmin-derived packages
[I] kde-base/kdeartwork-colorschemes (4.4.5(4.4)@10/12/10): KDE extra
[I] kde-base/kdeartwork-desktopthemes (4.4.5(4.4)@10/12/10):
Additional KDE4 Plasma themes
[I] kde-base/kdeartwork-emoticons (4.4.5(4.4)@10/12/10): EmotIcons
(icons for things like smilies :-) for kde
[I] kde-base/kdeartwork-iconthemes (4.4.5(4.4)@10/12/10): Icon themes for kde
[I] kde-base/kdeartwork-kscreensaver (4.4.5(4.4)@10/12/10): Extra
screensavers for kde
[I] kde-base/kdeartwork-meta (4.4.5(4.4)@10/12/10): kdeartwork - merge
this to pull in all kdeartwork-derived packages
[I] kde-base/kdeartwork-sounds (4.4.5(4.4)@10/12/10): Extra sound themes for kde
[I] kde-base/kdeartwork-styles (4.4.5(4.4)@10/12/10): Extra KWin
styles and window decorations
[I] kde-base/kdeartwork-wallpapers (4.4.5(4.4)@10/12/10): Wallpapers from kde
[I] kde-base/kdeartwork-weatherwallpapers (4.4.5(4.4)@10/12/10):
Weather aware wallpapers. Changes with weather outside.
[I] kde-base/kdebase-cursors (4.4.5(4.4)@10/12/10): oxygen cursors from kdebase
[I] kde-base/kdebase-data (4.4.5(4.4)@10/12/10): Icons, localization
data and various .desktop files from kdebase.
[I] kde-base/kdebase-desktoptheme (4.4.5(4.4)@10/12/10): Oxygen KDE4
desktop theme.
[I] kde-base/kdebase-kioslaves (4.4.5(4.4)@10/12/10): kioslave: the
kde VFS framework - kioslave plugins present a filesystem-like view of
arbitrary data
[I] kde-base/kdebase-menu (4.4.5(4.4)@10/12/10): KDE Menu query tool.
[I] kde-base/kdebase-menu-icons (4.4.5(4.4)@10/12/10): KDE menu icons
[I] kde-base/kdebase-meta (4.4.5(4.4)@10/12/10): Merge this to pull in
all kdebase-derived packages
[I] kde-base/kdebase-pam (7 at 04/14/10): pam.d files used by several KDE
[I] kde-base/kdebase-runtime-meta (4.4.5(4.4)@10/12/10): Merge this to
pull in all kdebase-runtime-derived packages
[I] kde-base/kdebase-startkde (4.4.5(4.4)@10/12/10): Startkde script,
which starts a complete KDE session, and associated scripts
[I] kde-base/kdebase-wallpapers (4.4.5(4.4)@10/12/10): KDE wallpapers
[I] kde-base/kdebugdialog (4.4.5(4.4)@10/12/10): KDE: A dialog box for
setting preferences for debug output
[I] kde-base/kdeedu-meta (4.4.5(4.4)@10/12/10): KDE educational apps -
merge this to pull in all kdeedu-derived packages
[I] kde-base/kdegames-meta (4.4.5(4.4)@10/12/10): kdegames - merge
this to pull in all kdegames-derived packages
[I] kde-base/kdegraphics-meta (4.4.5(4.4)@10/12/10): kdegraphics -
merge this to pull in all kdegraphics-derived packages
[I] kde-base/kdegraphics-strigi-analyzer (4.4.5(4.4)@10/12/10):
kdegraphics: strigi plugins
[I] kde-base/kdelibs (4.4.5(4.4)@08/03/10): KDE libraries needed by
all KDE programs.
[I] kde-base/kdemultimedia-kioslaves (4.4.5(4.4)@10/12/10): KDE
kioslaves from the kdemultimedia package
[I] kde-base/kdemultimedia-meta (4.4.5(4.4)@10/12/10): kdemultimedia -
merge this to pull in all kdemultimedia-derived packages
[I] kde-base/kdenetwork-filesharing (4.4.5(4.4)@10/12/10): kcontrol
filesharing config module for NFS, SMB etc
[I] kde-base/kdenetwork-meta (4.4.5(4.4)@10/12/10): kdenetwork - merge
this to pull in all kdenetwork-derived packages
[I] kde-base/kdepasswd (4.4.5(4.4)@10/12/10): KDE GUI for passwd
[I] kde-base/kdepimlibs (4.4.5(4.4)@10/12/10): Common library for KDE PIM apps.
[I] kde-base/kdeplasma-addons (4.4.5(4.4)@10/12/10): Extra Plasma
applets and engines.
[I] kde-base/kdesu (4.4.5(4.4)@10/12/10): KDE: gui for su(1)
[I] kde-base/kdetoys-meta (4.4.5(4.4)@10/12/10): KDE toys - merge this
to pull in all kdetoys-derived packages
[I] kde-base/kdeutils-meta (4.4.5(4.4)@10/12/10): kdeutils - merge
this to pull in all kdeutils-derived packages
[I] kde-base/libkdeedu (4.4.5(4.4)@10/12/10): Common library for KDE
educational apps
[I] kde-base/libkdegames (4.4.5(4.4)@10/12/10): Base library common to
many KDE games.
[I] kde-base/phonon-kde (4.4.5(4.4)@10/12/10): Phonon KDE Integration
[I] kde-base/pykde4 (4.4.5(4.4)@10/12/10): Python bindings for KDE4
[I] kde-base/qguiplatformplugin_kde (4.4.5(4.4)@10/12/10): Helps
integration of pure Qt applications with KDE Workspace
[I] sys-auth/polkit-kde (0.95.1-r1(4)@06/25/10): PolicyKit integration
module for KDE.
Found 47 matches.
c2stable ~ #

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