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On 2010/12/08 12:48 (GMT+0100) yahoo-pier_andreit composed:

> wow!! many thanks for the very detailed reply :-)
> I'll be busy for long time to apply your suggestions :-)

Focus first on Duncan's last suggestion of setting DPI system wide via X 
configuration. If you've already been fiddling with other methods you should 
first undo all those except forcing GTK apps to use KDE settings. Note that 
for some combinations of hardware and drivers that methods that worked for 
others that Google found for you may not work. In the most recent flavors of 
openSUSE (and other distros), configuration of all or part via xorg.conf may 
be ignored. It may be necessary to put what _should_ work in xorg.conf into 
/etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/*.conf instead. Those using proprietary NVidia drivers 
should try the NVidia configuration tool first.
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