[kde-linux] Alt-F1 shortcut (Kicker) disappears

Bruce Miller subscribe at brmiller.ca
Sat Apr 17 16:30:08 UTC 2010

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> Bruce Miller wrote:
>I have an recurrent problem with KDE 4.x in which the 
> Alt-F1 shortcut ceases
> to function. The Alt-F1 shortcut brings up Kicker 
> and the panel (what, in
> another OS's terms, is called the "Start 
> Menu").

Kicker was an application in KDE 3.x that provided one or more 
> docked panels.  
It wasn't the only one for KDE 3.x.

In KDE 4.x 
> there is no more kicker application.  Instead the panels are 
handled by 
> the same thing that handles wallpaper and widgets: plasma-desktop.

As far 
> as Alt+F1, I seem to remember that it works with "Application Launcher 
> and "Lancelot", but that "Application Launcher" (the default) has issues 
with it.  You should read the archives, it came up earlier this 
> year.
Boyd Stephen Smith Jr.            

My bad. The new term is "Kickoff,"; "Kicker" is, as you correctly pointed out, the term for the corresponding KDE 3.x function.

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