[kde-linux] Alt-F1 shortcut (Kicker) disappears

Bruce Miller subscribe at brmiller.ca
Sat Apr 17 12:57:10 UTC 2010

I have an recurrent problem with KDE 4.x in which the Alt-F1 shortcut ceases to function. The Alt-F1 shortcut brings up Kicker and the panel (what, in another OS's terms, is called the "Start Menu").

Does anyone know what might be causing this problem? I suspect it might be a "finger fumble" on my part. By definition, "finger fumbles" are random and therefore hard to avoid, but there is some possible comfort in knowing the cause.

More importantly, does anyone know a fix or a possible workaround? So far, the only thing that has worked for me is the "nuclear option," which is surely overkill. By "nuclear option," I mean backing up the ~/.kde tree and reconfiguring KDE from scratch.

I use Kubuntu and am currently on Lucid Lynx 10.04 Beta2, using KDE 4.4.2.

Bruce Miller, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
bruce at brmiller.ca; (613) 745-1151
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