[kde-linux] Am I Alone?

James Tyrer jrtyrer at earthlink.net
Wed Sep 30 23:53:37 UTC 2009

Anne Wilson wrote:
> I've seen no such problem, so I can't comment.
Then go to:


You don't have to try to bank at a site to get the certificate error.

> It sounds more like a browser issue to me.
Yes, a Konqueror issue.

> If indeed you were using konqueror, did you check what happens when
> you use firefox?
FireFox make no complaint at this site.


> I do on-line banking all the time.  I have no problems whatsoever
> with it. Many other people also use it regularly.  How can you say
> that our experience is abnormal?
I regularly have problems with online banking and bill paying.  The most 
common problem is sites that do not work with Konqueror but do work with 

> You can quote exactly what has been said over and over again.  There
> will be support, in terms of security, for as long as necessary.
> There will not be development.  There simply is not the manpower,
> even if there were the will to do so.
Actually, there seems to be enough to close all of the KDE-3 bugs as 
"UNMAINTAINED".  Konqueror will no longer work with current Qt-3 and 
X.org libraries; it is broken -- a dead issue without complete support.

> It would be more helpful to see less rant and more fact.  What
> exactly did you discover about what was happening on your system?
Are you suggesting that users should have to do their own debugging?

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