[kde-linux] Am I Alone?

Duncan 1i5t5.duncan at cox.net
Wed Sep 30 17:14:31 UTC 2009

Anne Wilson posted on Wed, 30 Sep 2009 15:42:45 +0100 as excerpted:

> Which browser, which version, and which kde version?  Whenever I've seen
> certificate warnings they have followed through with details and I have
> been able to continue or abort, as I choose.

konqueror (or I'd be complaining elsewhere about it as it'd not be a kde 
bug), kde 4.3.1.

> I assume your default browser is firefox?   It sounds more like a
> browser issue to me.  Not that I claim to be expert here, but I have
> seen other reports of firefox having problems with certificates.  Since
> I didn't follow them through, I can't say whether it is a problem of
> firefox, the certificate issuing body, or the web sites in question. 
> What I don't see is how you can blame KDE for that.
> If indeed you were using konqueror, did you check what happens when you
> use firefox?

firefox works fine, luckily.

> I do on-line banking all the time.  I have no problems whatsoever with
> it.  Many other people also use it regularly.  How can you say that our
> experience is abnormal?

Actually, my banking site works fine as well.  However, that's because 
the certificate is covered by system certs and isn't expired, etc.  If 
there was a problem with it, given the bug and my own experience, I 
expect I'd have issues even seeing what it was.

And in kde3, I could and did have the "low strength" (anything less than 
128-bit and or less than full strength x of x bit, IOW, 56-bit, or 128 
out of 256-bit, etc) turned off.  There's no control for that, now, and I 
haven't the foggiest what kde4's defaults are and don't trust 'em.

> So you keep saying, but you still haven't told us which bug
> number to read.

I did, some time ago, posting an entire thread on it, AFAIK.  I also said 
it's in the voted top-10 (aka most-hated, it's #6 as I write this), thus 
making it easy enough to find.  However, repeating for reference... (Note 
that some aspects from the original filing are now fixed, but there's 
still no proper control of certs and encryption overall, and as I 
demonstrated the other day, still bugs showing certs that don't validate 
properly, expired or self-signed or whatever, tho some may indeed show 


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