[kde-linux] [OT] new pgp key

Kevin Krammer kevin.krammer at gmx.at
Tue Sep 29 07:53:05 UTC 2009

On Tuesday, 2009-09-29, g wrote:
> Kevin Krammer wrote:
> > Make sure you revoke your old key so it is no longer valid.
> i thank you for advisement, but,
> i personally send out my public keys. i do not put them on servers.

Revokation is independent of the form of key distribution. Once the keyis 
updated through any of the available means it will no longer be valid.

Especially since you said that this action is taken due to a potential system 
breach which means the potential attacker could have uploaded it if they 
wanted to impersonate you.

> i do have a list of who has keys, and i update them when i make a change.

Well, you sent the information about the change to a mailinglist but you did 
not include the revoked key not any information where to get it.


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