[kde-linux] wierd KDE issue - a replaced home dir created upon login? - possible akonadi issue?

Kevin Kempter kevink at consistentstate.com
Tue Sep 8 18:59:56 UTC 2009

Hi All;

I cross-posted to Fedora-list: 

over the weekend I was poking around in my KDE system settings and I saw that 
the akonadi server was not running so I started it. All was fine until this 
morning when I shut down and moved into my home office where I plugged my 
dual/second monitor like I do every work day.

Today however it seems that KDE got confused per my login and somehow created 
a new /home/kkempter in the place where the old one was. As such all my 
Desktop files were gone, and ALL my kde settings such as konsole settings, mail 
prefs, etc were gone! Most everything related to my user (even the display 
settings, desktop effects, etc) were gone. 

Luckily I have backups and I was able with some difficulty to get most 
everything back, however I'm quite concerned that this could happen.

A couple of questions..
1) should I be running the akonadi server (it's not starting by default)? what 
do I need it for?

2) any thoughts on why the above behaviour would happen?

Thanks in advance

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