[kde-linux] kde 3.5 to 4.?

Don Hawkinson dwhawk at intcon.net
Sat Sep 5 01:44:35 UTC 2009

Under kde 3.5 , I had a desktop icon labeled Devices.
The version  of kde I just installed 4.? that icon is not
present.  The command in 3.5 was 
"konqueror --profile devices media:/" without the quotes.
That command does not work for me in kde 4.?  -  what
changes do I need to make? 

Also, the termainal  - konsole - had a Sesions menu
that does not seem to be ther any more.  Did I make an
installation choice that changed sometong?

If these questions have alrady been covered on the list,
a reply off list would be ok,

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