[kde-linux] Commands of KDE4?

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at acm.org
Fri Sep 4 00:40:00 UTC 2009

Christopher Roy Bratusek wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm working on a KDE-Integration module for sawfish and need to now some
> things:
> - Is there an environment variable notifying us that KDE is running?

This is not a simple question. :-|  It depends on what you mean by KDE 
is running.  That is, KDE is only a collection of programs.

Perhaps: "KDE_SESSION_UID" being set to the current USER will indicate 
that a KDE session has been started.

> - How to get the KSM session-prefix/session-id via command-line/getenv?

Not sure exactly what you mean here.  There is no process named ksm. 
There is ksmserver.  However, the process at the root of the process 
tree for a KDE4 session is: kdeinit4.  However, the command: kdeinit4 
can also be running when a KDE session does not exist.

The command line:

	pidof <process name>

will get the process id of KDM which you should be able to use with the 
function: getsid() to find the session-id.  Perhaps it would help to 
look at the source for "pidof".

> - What command is used as help-browser (khelpcenter?)

yes, the shell command is khelpcenter

> - What command is used as control-center (kcontrol?)

No, name changed to systemsettings.

> - What command is used to pop-up the "About KDE-Dialog" (if any)?

AFAIK, you would have to use a KDE library function for that.

> - What command is used to pop-up the KDE Logout-Dialog?

The dialog that pops up when you right click the desktop and select: 
"Leave"?  That is probably hardcoded somewhere in Plasma.  Perhaps a 
D-Bus message?  If there is documentation for this stuff, I would really 
like to know where it is.

> - What options is used to make shutdown/logout pre-selected in the
> Logout-Dialog?
it would be in ../share/config/ksmserverrc

If this is the system default, there won't be anything anywhere, but if 
it was changed either in the $KDEDIR or $KDEHOME it will be:



This is a digit rather than a string so you will have to try it to see 
which is which.  IIUC, the default is "0" which is "End current session".

> All for KDE4, please.
I have to say that some these are rather elementary questions, some 
basic familiarity with KDE would probably be of some help to your project.

James Tyrer

Linux (mostly) From Scratch

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